Cost reduction for companies

Commercial and technical solutions to reduce electricity and heating costs.

Since 2009, the main focus of our activities has been helping companies in Germany significantly reduce their energy costs.

We achieve this through several measures:

- intelligent procurement of gas and electricity supply contracts (about 5-20% savings)

- technical installation of a special transformer to reduce the total power requirement through network optimization (10-16% saving of the total power requirement)

- Planning, installation and operation of LED street lighting to reduce power consumption (60-75% saving on light)

- Planning, installation and operation of LED SOLAR luminaires for lighting of undeveloped locations such as company parking lots, parks, cycle paths, bus stops and bridges etc.

Gentleman Trading has competence and experience in the planning and implementation of all austerity measures and municipalities in the realization and sustainable support.

Our service is individually coordinated with your ideas and wishes.