What you can expect

We accompany you on the road to capturing the German market. Success lies in starting with the right steps and resolutely pursuing them.

For your market entry this means:

  • A realistic market appraisal and profit assessment
    • We conduct market analysis for you. After that, you can judge how much potential there is for your product or service.
  • The right sales strategy
    • We work with you to define the sales and marketing strategy, discuss the procedure, and then implement the whole package.
    • For example – Sales through wholesale traders
      • Our sales team regularly contact wholesale traders and generate new orders.
    • For example – Sales through sales representatives
      • We set up a network of sales representatives for your product or your service.
      • We control your sales team in Germany. We plan, coordinate and train your sales representatives.
      • We provide comprehensive support for projects that the sales team has won, coordinating all of your operations in Germany. We manage your sales team in Germany so that you do not have to, making sure the end customer is satisfied with your products from start to finish. Your brand reputation is in safe hands with us.
    • Specialist solutions
      • Are your requirements more specific, more individual? If so, we realize your ideas and ensure their success.
  • Working partnership with you
    • Our working relationship is individually agreed with you. We discuss with you in detail how to approach and developthe market, what you contribute yourself, and the scope of each task. After that you will receive a formal quotation concerning our services.